Single-use endoscopes can help streamline your workflow

Improve productivity

Always available, portable and easy to use, Ambu single-use endoscopes improve productivity by eliminating the need for reprocessing.

Never in need of cleaning or repair

Compact, lightweight, and easy to use

Always available

Ambu single-use endoscopes give you greater scheduling flexibility

The continuous and immediate availability of a single-use endoscope removes potential barriers to a smooth workflow.

No waiting or rescheduling

Ambu single-use endoscopes can be taken directly from storage whenever required. So, if an endoscope is not immediately available, there's no need to borrow an endoscope from another department or wait for one to come back from reprocessing or repair.  

Ready when you are

Our single-use endoscopes give you greater flexibility. For example, you can choose to do all the procedures first thing in the morning or push them to later in the day. And it makes them ideal for unscheduled, urgent or night-shift situations.

Lightweight, compact, and easy to use

Our single-use endoscopy solutions and systems are easy to take with you, simple to set up and intuitive to use. The intuitive touchscreen interface is right there next to the endoscopic image on the system screen, making it easy to maintain focus and control.

Simple plug and play solution

Easy to connect, fits into small spaces, live image within seconds

Flexible and intuitive

Simple touchscreen settings and operations, for example, easily receive patient data from the modality worklist and transfer patient imaging to the PACS

Lightweight and compact

Easy to take with you - no more lugging a heavy tower around

Never in need of cleaning or repair

With reusable, the used endoscope is out of commission from the moment it breaks or needs reprocessing. What’s more, if it is an out-of-hours procedure, it sits uncleaned until the reprocessing technicians arrive. In the meantime, biofilm begins to form.

With an Ambu single-use endoscope, there’s no post-procedure cleaning or processing to deal with, so you and your staff are ready for or whatever you need to do next.

What’s more, if you currently reprocess your reusable endoscopes locally, our single-use solution can present an opportunity to reallocate staff time to assist on more procedures.

Ambu single-use endoscope solutions benefit doctors across clinical areas


Having a [single-use bronchoscope] immediately available meant that the patient could still receive the best possible care.

Dr. Mark J. G. Dunn
Consultant in Critical Care, The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh


It’s really been a life-saver for us in terms of making our in-patient consultation service more effective.

Dr. Austin S. Rose
Pediatric Professor, Otolaryngology UNC Health Provider


You have your base unit, and you can do endoscopies anywhere.

Dr. Marco Bruno
Chief of the Dept. of Gastroenterology & Hepatology at Rotterdam's Erasmus University Medical Center


It’s of great benefit being able to move out of the endoscopy department freeing up further capacity for other specialties.

Dr. Wasim Mahmalji
Urology consultant at Hereford County Hospital

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Discover how Ambu’s high-quality single-use endoscopes improve patient safety, provide consistently high quality and performance and give you greater cost-transparency across multiple clinical areas. 


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