Cost advantages
of single-use endoscopes

Do you know the true cost of using a reusable endoscope?

Not only is the capital investment for a single-use set-up low, it eliminates a number of the hidden costs that reusable endoscopes possess. In fact, when you consider the recurring costs associated with reprocessing, maintenance and repairs and potential workflow improvements, Ambu single-use endoscopes may actually save money for your hospital as a whole.

Costs associated with reusable endoscopes

Single-use endoscopes eliminate the above costs

5 ways single-use makes sense in terms of costs

Increase capacity as needed without a major capital investment
If you wanted to increase capacity with a traditional setup, you would need to invest in endoscopes of different sizes and a reusable tower with light and image processors. With our solution, the only item needed to increase the number of procedures performed is an additional display unit.

Only pay for what you need
With one endoscope per procedure, operational costs and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can easily be calculated. You only pay for what you need, and this flexibility also reduces the financial risk in periods where activity is low.

Remove hidden expenditures
Every step of reprocessing – from pre-cleaning, leak-testing, rinsing, disinfecting and/or sterilizing to drying storing and transporting the endoscopes – is another layer of expense to include in your cost calculations. The single-use concept not only eliminates these reprocessing costs, it also cuts material costs, such as cleaning detergents, water, brushes, and personal protective equipment.

Do away with complex and time-consuming operations
With multiple, complex steps for reprocessing each endoscope after use, adherence to guidelines can be costly, time-consuming and resource-intensive.1-3 The fact that there is no need to reprocess single-use endoscopes, opens the door to free up space, reduce procedure waiting lists, and reprioritize staff time for greater efficiency.

Eliminate recurring costs
First, the cost and effort of maintenance and repairs, and resources spent on transportation, administration, and training are removed. Second, you are free from complex investment contracts and often binding long-term service contracts. Finally, you don’t have to worry about damaging expensive endoscopes when performing procedures or training.

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