Ambu Responsible supplier management

We aim to work with suppliers that share our commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices

Purpose of the program

To support and promote sustainable and responsible business practices among our suppliers, we have developed a comprehensive Responsible Supplier Program. Together with our Code of Conduct for Business Partners, the program is designed to ensure that our suppliers not only address quality and cost requirements, but also a wide range of sustainability and integrity considerations, such as business ethics, labor and human rights, and environmental impacts.

Risk-based due diligence

In addition to requesting suppliers in scope to sign the Ambu Code of Conduct declaration, all Direct Suppliers and Finished Goods suppliers in scope (approximately 95% of total spend in these categories) will individually be assessed as part of a due diligence process to ensure that they have implemented responsible business practices. The program is designed so that it can be extended to include more and more suppliers.

Collaborate on needed improvements

Ambu wants to support suppliers who are committed to implementing responsible business practices. Therefore, if a potential issue is identified during the due diligence process, Ambu and the supplier will agree on and collaborate on the needed improvements, rather than simply terminating the collaboration with the supplier.

The Responsible Supplier Program is developed in line with the Ambu Compliance Management System, and consists of five phases:

1. Scope

Direct and finished goods suppliers

2. Sustainability Risk Profiling Assessment

Based on the risk profiling assessment, the suppliers are divided into three risk groups:

3. Sustainability due diligence process

An enhanced due diligence is conducted on medium and high-risk suppliers

4. Sustainability Approval

If the outcome of the due diligence process is satisfactory, or an improvement plan has been completed, the supplier will be sustainability approved.

5. Monitoring, auditing and reassessment

All suppliers in scope are monitored on ongoing basis.
Periodic audits are carried out of a selected group of suppliers.
Depending on the result of the risk profiling, the supplier must be reassessed every 2-3 years.

Read our latest sustainability report

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