Ethical business conduct

A shared responsibility

Through compliance processes, guidelines and our compliance management system, we can ensure that we adhere to all the standards set for us in healthcare systems around the world and that there is consistency and authenticity in the way we work and what we provide.

Human and labour rights

Ambu respects and supports the international human rights principles and standards for labour as defined by the United Nations. This implies minimum standards for freedom of association, non-discrimination, working hours, salary and benefits, disciplinary measures, child labour and forced labour.

See our human and labour rights guidelines on our Policies page

Anti-bribery & corruption

Ambu is committed to carrying out its business honestly, fairly and openly and has a zero tolerance of bribery and corruption. It is Ambu’s policy to comply with all applicable anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws. Ambu strives to only work with third parties who maintain the same policy.

Read our anti-bribery and corruption policy on our Policies page

Ethical marketing promotion

Ambu strives to have a large degree of transparency in our relationships with our customers and key opinion leaders in the industry. This is ensured through our compliance management system and ethical standards in relation to marketing materials, training for sales representatives and guidelines for interactions with healthcare professionals.

Political contributions

Ambu does not provide financial support to political parties, campaigns, candidates for political office, or a person acting in an official capacity of a political party but may support third-party organizations that provide such support (e.g., regional, national or local industry associations or think tanks). Ambu supports employees’ rights to engage personally in political activity.

Read our policy on political contributions on our Policies page

Data privacy and ethics

Ambu recognizes that privacy is a keystone in gaining and maintaining the trust of both employee, customers, suppliers and business partners. To ensure a high level of data protection, our internal general privacy policy provides guidance for processing of personal data and constitutes the overall framework for processing of personal data within the Ambu organization.

Read our data ethics statement on our Policies page

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