ECG Electrode - Single use

Ambu® BlueSensor L

The large Ambu BlueSensor L features highly conductive wet gel, offset connector and a combination of instant and long-term adhesives for excellent contact and stable signals throughout the monitoring period.

Thanks to the low-profile microporous material, skin is able to breathe so the electrode remains comfortable to wear over long periods.

Key Benefits

  • check Highly conductive wet gel
  • check Combination of instant and long-term adhesives
  • check Breathable microporous material
  • check Unique offset concept
  • check High-quality Ag/AgCl sensor

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Spare parts

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file_download Cardiology Catalogue
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file_download Combined Product Brochure
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file_download Symbols Description - Cardiology Electrodes
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file_download Ambu BlueSensor L Datasheet
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Instructions For Use

file_download ECG Electrodes IFU
(10.72 MB - pdf)

Supplementary Information

file_download Reach document for Medical Devices
(249.29 KB - pdf)
file_download Symbol Explanation
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file_download Symbols on
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May 2013

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