Ambu® Baby iQF

Ambu® Baby iQF​* is a lifelike manikin that simulates babies up to the age of one year. With the new iQF App, you can provide training with a high level of precision for infants in cardiac arrest.

*Available soon

Train iQF, train for life

Visualization in detail of the compression depth and the correct ventilation volume in your fingertips with Instructor and Trainee iQF App. Connected by Bluetooth®.

  • checkThe ventilation can be seen and the exhalation through the nose can be seen and heard
  • checkHead mobility and extension ensure exact positioning and airway clearance
  • checkAmbu hygienic system eliminates the risk of cross infections
  • checkAirway obstruction can be turned on via a switch
  • checkThe realism of the brachial pulse allows precise and complete teaching


Instructor App: Starting a session

Instructor App: Settings

Instructor App: Storage

iQF, Training that Works for Life

Helping health instructors to train. The iQF application includes data-driven information and accurate measurements of relevant CPR parame¬ters. 
Help your students perform perfect CPR while enjoying games and competing with each other.

Realistic Ventilation and Ambu Hygienic System

Students will feel how a realistic airway opens when the head is properly moved into the sniff position. The instructor can simulate obstruction of the airway via an on/off slide. Ambu Baby has additional features such as a realistic brachial pulse to provide precise training. Stomach ventilation can further be checked visually. Furthermore, the unique hygienic system prevents cross-contamination. Additionally, the correct compression depth and required ventilation volume can be monitored by the feedback indicator on the manikin.


Two iQF Apps available: Instructor iQF and Trainee iQF

Up to 6 manikins can be connected

Applications are available for Android™ and iOS™

*iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries.

For download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

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Connect the manikin and the device via Bluetooth®

*Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, inc.

Spare parts

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June 2021