Ambu® AuraFlex™ Disposable Laryngeal Mask

Ambu® AuraFlex™ is a disposable, flexible laryngeal mask which is specially designed for ENT, ophthalmic, dental and other head and neck surgeries.

Key Benefits

  • checkHigh flexibility of the reinforced airway tube enables positioning away from the surgical field without loss of seal
  • checkIntegrated pilot tube eases the surgeons work and reduces the risk of cutting the pilot tube during surgery
  • checkKink-free wire-reinforced airway tube eliminates the risk of airway tube occlusion
  • checkFull range from size 2 through size 6 - widest range of possible uses
  • checkThin and soft feel of the cuff with EasyGlide surface for easy and smooth insertion and removal
  • checkReinforced tip eases insertion and prevents folds during insertion - easy, fast, and accurate positioning
  • checkDepth marks for visual control of correct positioning of the mask
  • checkPackaged sterile and ready for use
  • checkColour-coded packaging with directions for use

General information

The challenge of a flexible laryngeal mask is the combination of needs:The ease of insertion and security of the airway needed by the anesthesiologist, the flexibility and room to work needed by the surgeon and the need to protect the patient from residual proteins. Ambu® AuraFlex™ combines these needs in an innovative, single-use solution. 


Ambu® AuraFlex™ is so flexible that it can easily be taped well away from the surgical field, improving surgical access without any loss of seal. The flexible tube is also reinforced with kink-free wire, which eliminates the risk of airway tube occlusion. 

Integrated pilot tube

Furthermore, the integration of pilot tube in the airway tube makes handling and insertion easy and dramatically reduces the risk of cutting the pilot tube during surgery. 

Includes the Aura family features

Also, Ambu® AuraFlex™ includes some of the same well-known features as the rest of the Aura family, such as the reinforced tip for fast and accurate positioning, extra soft, thin cuff with easy glide surface for a quick and smooth insertion and teeth marks for a visual check of the mask position.

Single use laryngeal Mask

And finally, the single-use concept eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and at the same time eliminates all costs and hassle of cleaning and sterilization.

AuraFlex - the new standard in disposable flexible laryngeal masks.

New phthalate-free version

Ambu is currently introducing an updated version of this product. Using the same design, we are now able to deliver high quality phthalate-free material products.

As we switch from old to new version of the product, you may receive both versions. To learn whether a product is old or new version, please refer to the label of the product. If you find the below symbol on the label, then you have already received the new version. 

Suitable applications

Routine anaesthesia, difficult airway patients, failed intubation, resuscitation.

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Brochures (4)

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Instructions for use

file_download IFU Ambu® AuraFlex™ (Multi) V05 2023/08
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Product Information

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Supplementary Information

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March 2014

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