Strategy 2020

We're aiming to double our business in three years.
To reach 5 billion DKK revenue by 2020

Big Five 2020 – Ambu’s three-year strategy

In 2013, Ambu set ambitious goals. Under the heading “Climbing New Heights 2017”, Ambu set out to reach a DKK 2 billion revenue, increase earnings significantly and create strong free cash flows. The topline goal was reached a year ahead of time and with the guidance for 2016/17, the completion continues to look positive.

We have been on a four-year journey that has transformed Ambu,” says CEO Lars Marcher. “Today, 25% of our revenue come from products that we did not have before 2013. That, to me, is testament to the power of innovation. We have proven that our new solutions are relevant to hospitals around the globe. Now, we look towards 2020. It took 75 years to reach 1 billion. Four years to reach 2 billion. Now, we will try to reach 5 billion in three years. It’s a stretch, but we aim for the Big Five.

Ambu’s new strategy is called “Big Five 2020” and targets stable core business growing more than the underlying market and an acceleration of growth through rapid expansion in the markets for Ambu’s single-use visualisation solutions and acquisitions of companies that support Ambu’s strategic direction.

Long term guidance towards 2020
Towards 2020 Ambu plans to grow organically by 13-15% annually and expand the EBIT-margin by more than 5%-pts and thereby generate an EBIT margin in the level of 24-25% in 2020. 

As for the free cash flows, Ambu expects to grow relative to revenue by accumulated 3%-pts to 18% in 2020 excluding impact from non-recurring investments in buildings.

Feel free to download the presentation of the Big Five 2020 strategy (pdf).