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From 1st March 2024, Ambu has closed its UK online shop. With the Ambu shop closure, customers can now purchase Ambu products from Mediq.

This partnership is a testament to the trust and confidence that Ambu has in Mediq's ability to deliver value and exceed expectations as Ambu online customers transition to Mediq.

Since 2023, Mediq has invested significantly in their online ordering experience now offering customers;

Efficient Ordering

Mediq offers a user-friendly and efficient online ordering platform, streamlining the procurement process for online buyers.

Comprehensive Product Ranges

Mediq provides a comprehensive range of medical supplies, aligning with Ambu's commitment to quality and innovation.

Fast & Reliable Delivery

Customers can expect reliable and timely delivery services from Mediq.

Dedicated Customer Support

Mediq is known for its excellent customer support services. Former Ambu online customers can rely on a dedicated team to address any queries and provide assistance.

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