Our Commitment to
Saving Lives COVID-19 and Ambu’s Role

Statement from Ambu CEO

As the impact of COVID-19 intensifies, entire healthcare systems are coming under extraordinary pressure. As a provider of single-use medical devices, we understand the role we play to help prevent its spread and save lives. We’re committed to doing our utmost to meet the demand for our products, whilst keeping our customers and employees safe. Read full statement

Juan Jose Gonzalez, CEO


Maintaining Supply for Hospitals and Their Patients

At Ambu, we have a responsibility to keep supplying doctors and patients with high-quality medical devices. And we have a responsibility towards our local communities to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

We’re focusing on sustaining a steady delivery and supporting customers in any way we can, so hospitals can continue receiving the products they need for their patients.

We’ve taken steps to maximize our supply and all our communication lines remain open, so we can provide our best possible support to healthcare systems during this time of crisis.



Keeping Our Employees Safe

To counter the spread of COVID-19 and protect our employees, many are now working from home; and in line with government guidance, we have ceased all international travel.

For those are working at our manufacturing plants, we’ve introduced special precautions such as temperature control upon entrance, strict hand hygiene, mandatory mask use and social distancing.


Ofstead on-demand webinar for risks and best practices for bronchoscope use on COVID-19 patients

Listen to the 20-minute on-demand webinar or read the executive summary from Cori Ofstead to learn about:

• New front-line evidence based on bronchoscopies performed on COVID-19 

• The risks bronchoscopy reprocessing personnel face due to potential exposure to contaminated bronchoscopes

• Recommendations for how to protect both patients and staff

Watch webinar


Educational Videos

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to develop, our network of healthcare professionals are looking for the best ways to protect their staff and patients.

During the pandemic, we're producing a series of online training videos, as well as Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) videos developed in conjunction with doctors around the UK.

So, whilst we're unable to see you face-to-face, we can continue supporting you in learning about Ambu products remotely.

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COVID-19 Evidence and Support

Take a look at the scientific studies and industry guidelines in relation to COVID-19

View now

Thanking Our Heroes

As we witness the sacrifice and tireless efforts of doctors, nurses and paramedics, it is clear they are the true heroes in this crisis, and they deserve our gratitude and recognition. So, on 26th March at 8pm, Ambu, along with the rest of the nation, stood outside to Clap for Our Carers and show our appreciation.

At Ambu, we applaud and thank all healthcare professionals who are working night and day to keep us safe.


Single-Use Medical Devices That
Minimise Spread of COVID-19

With COVID-19 effecting both the volume of patients and their management, the benefits of single-use devices have been reflected in airway management guidelines and there is a greater focus on infection prevention and control. Public Health England advises that “re-useable equipment should be avoided if possible” and GOV.UK added a document on infection prevention and control, in which it says “Patient care equipment should be single-use items if possible.” The Government of Ireland are following the European Centre for Prevention and Disease Control’s guidance that “if possible, disposable medical equipment…is strongly recommended".

Ambu single-use medical devices guarantee patient safety by delivering sterile, ready-to-use products straight from the pack, after use the device can be completely disposed of, eliminating complex cleaning procedures, any risk of cross-contamination and safeguarding patients and healthcare staff.

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