Ambu® UltraSeal Paediatric

The UltraSeal facemask is an anatomically correct shaped facemask designed specifically for anaesthesia departments. The facemask comes in four different sizes ensuring that the user can always find a mask that fits any paediatric patient.


It is a single-use facemask that comes both with and without a check valve. The facemask has good edge grip which makes it easy to use while providing a tight seal. It has colour coding for easy size recognition. The mask shape ensures that the inner shape of the dome is spacious enough for the mouth and nose also when pressure is applied to the mask.

New phthalate-free version

Ambu is currently introducing an updated version of this product. Using the same design, we are now able to deliver high quality phthalate-free material products.

As we switch from old to new version of the product, you may receive both versions. To learn whether a product is old or new version, please refer to the label of the product. If you find the below symbol on the label, then you have already received the new version.
Symbol on the new phthalate-free product:

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    SizeWeightWeight with check valve


    Dome: Polyvinylchloride
    Cuff: Polyvinylchloride
    Check valve: Polycarbonate

    Spare parts

    There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



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    Supplementary Information

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    February 2014

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