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Electrodes for Cardiology and Neurophysiology

In 1971, a Danish engineer by the name of Jan Rasmussen recognized the need to obtain reliable traces from biosignals. Since then we have been leading the way in the design and development of high quality single-use electrodes for accurate monitoring.

Ambu offers a complete range of electrodes for different applications to meet your needs:

  • Blue Sensor electrodes for Cardiology (ECG): 12-lead ECG, Holter, Stress, Neonatal, Monitoring.
  • Neuroline electrodes and needles for Neurophysiology: EMG, EEG, Evoked Potentials, Nerve Conduction Studies, Intraoperative Monitoring and Polysomnography.
  • Sleepmate sensors for Polysomnography (Sleep Studies).




ECG Stress

  • Quote Ambu® BlueSensor R
  • Quote Ambu® BlueSensor SP
  • Quote Ambu® BlueSensor T
  • Quote Ambu® WhiteSensor 4560M

ECG Resting

  • Quote Ambu® BlueSensor 2300
  • Quote Ambu® BlueSensor SU
  • Quote Ambu® WhiteSensor 0215M
  • Quote Ambu® WhiteSensor 0315M
  • Quote Ambu® WhiteSensor 0415M
  • Quote Ambu® WhiteSensor 0615M
  • Quote Ambu® WhiteSensor 0715M
  • Quote Ambu® WhiteSensor 4530M
  • Quote Ambu® WhiteSensor 4540M

ECG Neonatal

ECG Long monitoring

ECG Short monitoring

EEG surface

EEG Needles

EMG Surface/Evoked Potentials/Nerve Conduction Studies

EMG Needles

Intraoperative Monitoring (IOM)