Making Ideas Work for Life

We have an innovation process that works as a filter. We distil ideas and find out whether an idea can be turned into a device or a process that can help patients or health care professionals.

An idea may not always translate into a viable solution because many factors play a part. Is there a reasonable balance between the cost and the benefit of the idea? Is the idea better than the existing practice in the specific area? Does the idea match Ambu’s areas of excellence?

Basically, we put a lot of effort into generating new ideas and when we see the potential to save lives and improve patient care, we are dedicated to work our way past practical problems.

From idea to practice

We get ideas from observing medical practices, from dialogue with doctors, nurses and paramedics, from learning communities, from business partners, from customer feedback, and maybe from you.

We have the experience and the size to take an idea all the way from a scribble on a napkin to a smile of relief on a person’s face.

If you have an idea that you think we can take to a practical level, you are very welcome to propose your idea to us. We cannot promise that we will realise your idea, but we promise that we will consider it professionally and contact you directly within a matter of weeks.