We make a difference in health care -
and every difference starts with an idea.


As you read these lines, someone somewhere in the world is being ventilated with an Ambu bag. Maybe it is young girl in Copenhagen. Maybe it is a man in Los Angeles. Maybe it is a woman in Dubai.

We invented the Ambu bag in 1956. In fact this revolution of emergency care was the result of a fruitful collaboration between an engineer, Holger Hesse, and an anaesthesiologist, Henning Ruben.

No company is an island

We have built on this heritage and collaborative spirit between experts of invention and experts of health care.

We do not sit in closed-off rooms in isolated places to conjure up medical devices. We constantly seek inspiration and encourage dialogue with doctors, nurses, paramedics, students or any other people who have special expertise.

The challenges in healthcare are growing dramatically, driving the need for solutions that create value and make a real difference in life. So the next time you think about how to optimise care for your patients, please hold that thought… maybe we can make it work for life.

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Making Ideas Work for Life

Innovation at Ambu is driven by ideas

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Propose Idea

Do you have an idea that can work for life?