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Ambu expands family of single-use bronchoscopes

The introduction of the new Ambu® aScope™ 3 Large gives clinicians the choice of single-use devices to intubate or perform a bedside bronchoscopy – also in cases of heavy secretion.

In 2013, Ambu launched the Ambu® aScope™ 3 single-use flexible bronchoscope in two sizes – Slim and Regular. Since then, the single-use concept of the aScope 3 has been widely recognized and today the aScope 3 is used in thousands of hospitals all over the world.

With the addition of the large size to the aScope 3 family, Ambu now offers hospitals three bronchoscopes in one system. All three are single-use, sterile and readily available. And the aScope 3 family is complemented by the new updated monitor, Ambu® aView™.

Lars Marcher, CEO at Ambu, elaborates: “We have developed the aScope 3 Large because of feedback from our customers – primarily from doctors at intensive care units. They’ve told us that they need a bigger working channel when they encounter tough secretion or a lot of blood in a patient. I’m very happy, that we can now offer an additional single-use device tailored for use in intensive care, because these patients are extra vulnerable to infections from devices like reusable scopes.

More than 50% increase in suction power
The working channel of a bronchoscope is used for administration of medication into the patient or suctioning of secretion and blood. The aScope 3 Regular has a 2.2mm working channel, whereas the new version – aScope 3 Large – has a working channel of 2.8mm which gives more than a 50% increase in suction capability.

The new version will be presented at the Euroanaesthesia congress in London, 28-30 May 2016. “We have been looking forward to showing anaesthetists from all over the world this new addition to the aScope family. I believe that the added flexibility of the aScope 3 range will further speed up the conversion from reusable to single-use bronchoscopes at hospitals and clinics,” says Lars Marcher.

All three sizes of aScope 3 are developed by Ambu and produced at Ambu’s high-tech manufacturing site in Malaysia.

The aScope 3 Large will be released for sale on 1 June 2016 on the European markets and in Australia. In autumn 2016, Ambu expects to have market clearance for sales in North America.

Market – visualisation and infection risks
Every day thousands of patients around the world undergo general anaesthesia during surgery or bronchoscopy as part of their treatment during intensive care. Often these procedures pose a safety risk to the patient, and clinicians are therefore increasingly looking at visualisation tools to assist in these critical intubation and bronchoscopy procedures. Visual guidance during difficult intubation and bronchoscopy procedures in the operating room, emergency room, and intensive care unit can help to avoid critical situations from occurring and thereby improve patient safety.

Outbreaks of infections linked to contaminated endoscopes have led physicians to question the safety of bronchoscopy. The risk of cross-infection with multi-resistant microbes constitutes a new challenge when it come to the risks involved for patients, physicians, hospitals and clinics. The risk of device-related cross-contamination during intubation and bronchoscopy procedures can be eliminated by using a sterile single-use bronchoscope. aScope 3 is sterile straight from the pack, so unlike reusable scopes, there is no risk that aScope 3 carries residual biofilm from inadequate cleaning.

The aScope 3 is a device to assist clinicians in making intubation and bedside bronchoscopy procedures simple, safe, and cost-effective.

As of June 2016, the Ambu® aScope™ 3 comprises a family of three sterile single-use bronchoscopes in different outer diameters and with different size working channels to cover fibreoptic intubation and bronchoscopy procedures in the operating room, emergency room and intensive care units. The different colour coding of the three scopes makes it easy and fast to find the right size.

The new updated Ambu® aView™ monitor offers a new Image Extend function that enlarges the live image on aView for better viewing at a distance as well as a video-out functionality allowing the user to display the live image on an external monitor.

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