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The role of Ambu® aScope™ 3 in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

You always have an available scope ready to use, so you can always offer urgent airway management.

The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh – NHS Lothian leads the  eld in dif cult airway management. Its approach is built on the standardisation of training, procedures and equipment.

As one of the airway management leads in the 18-bed intensive care department at the Royal In rmary of Edinburgh – NHS Lothian, Dr. Mark Dunn didn’t wait for the  ndings of the 4th National Audit Project (NAP4) on Major Complications of Airway Management in the UK to tackle difficult airway management issues.

Says Dr. Dunn: “Many years ago we realised that having each hospital manage its own equipment and staff with regard to airway management was not the right approach. We decided to standardise equipment, protocols and the training we delivered. It was not an easy road, but in the last few years we have managed to gain acceptance from all for standardisation. We now have standardised training and equipment trolleys. So everyone knows precisely what equipment will be available in any of the NHS Lothian hospitals when involved in airway management.”



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The role of Ambu® aScope™ 3 in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Download

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