Corporate Social Responsibility

Ambu has always focused on corporate social responsibility, and Ambu’s aim has been to create real value both for the company and for society at large through the company’s products and through working with corporate social responsibility. By structuring and ensuring a sense of ownership of these efforts in the organisation, Ambu is working in a targeted fashion to strengthen the link between responsible and value-creating corporate behaviour.

Ambu’s business is inextricably linked to social responsibility. This is solely due to the fact that it is Ambu’s vision to save lives and improve patient care. Working with corporate social responsibility also contributes to forging good relations with customers and suppliers, increasing productivity and reducing waste, reducing non-financial risks and strengthening the company’s identity and culture.

Ambu’s structured work with business-driven corporate social responsibility is based on the principles of the UN’s Global Compact initiative and can be divided into three overall focus areas which are particularly relevant for Ambu’s efforts:

  • People and community
  • Environment and products
  • Business ethics

Today, a CSR unit works with business-driven corporate social responsibility comprising employees from Sales and Marketing, HR, R&D and Operations. The unit reports to the Executive VP for Finance, IT and Business Systems. The CSR unit is responsible for ensuring that Ambu monitors developments in the area and reports to the Executive VP for Global Operations. Once a year, action plans are made for the coming year based on a workshop for the CSR unit. Moreover, the CSR unit meets every quarter and as required.

With reference to the three overall focus areas, a Corporate Guideline was prepared in 2009/10 setting out nine guidelines for the work on business-driven corporate social responsibility in Ambu. Furthermore, the efforts currently being made within these areas have been mapped, and specific action plans have been made for future activities.

Nine common guidelines for Ambu’s corporate social responsibility work







1. We work for diversity and non-discrimination in employment

2. We work for a safe and healthy work environment

3. We prohibit the use of forced and child labour

4. We support interaction with educational institutions


5. We aim to reduce the environmental impact in our innovation, manufacturing and distribution processes

6. We use materials efficiently and strive to optimize packaging and waste handling

7. We work to reduce energy consumption


8. We are committed to abide by the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. In absence of adequate laws and regulations, we refer to recognized international standards and industry norms

9. We do not accept bribery and other kind of corruption


Actions and results

  • Ambu has strenghtened collaboration with educational establishments. As a result, Ambu has welcomed more trainees, apprentices and students.
  • In Malaysia, it is common practice that non-Malaysian workers leave their passport at the local authorities. Ambu has succeeded to be excepted from this rule. As a consequence, these workers saveguard their freedom of movement.  
  • Efforts are being made to increase the safety of all processes, and the number of workrelated accidents and injuries is measured.
  • Supplier assessments are conducted to ensure that forced and child labour is not used in the supply chain.



Actions and results

  • Ambu has made a phthalate policy and committed to eliminate DEHP from all medical devices by 2017. 
  • Ambu's environment policy has been updated with specific demands for our value chains. Efforts are made to continuously reduce waste in production.
  • Ambu has joined the Danish organisation, Carbon 20, to work towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Work has gone into the design of packaging and choice of packaging material to reduce environmental impacts in connection with transport.
  • Investments have been made in video conference equipment to reduce environmental impacts in connection with travelling.
  • Print and copy concepts have been introduced to reduce the number of prints and copies made, and investments have been made in IT solutions and in optimising production equipment with a view to minimising energy consumption.



Actions and results

  • All senior employees have signed the company’s Code of Conduct, and in Ambu’s internal procedures the emphasis is on compliance with legislation and rules.
  • Ambu's suppliers now also agree to our Code of Conduct.
  • Ambu has established a Whistleblower Hotline for employees to anonymously report suspected fraud or breach on internal practices or the law.